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The gig: Ride Safety

What do I have to do? About a week before the big group ride, meet up with organizers to practice the route together. The “route scout ride” is typically the second week of the month. We look for the latest road conditions and challenging obstacles. Afterward, we often go somewhere to hang for grub and suds.

On the night of the big ride: Show up 15 minutes early and bring a high-viz vest. We have a few extras if you don’t have your own.

What else? At intersections during the ride, safeties stop to assist as needed, sometimes blocking traffic (check out how to be the “cork” below). Sometimes you help someone get their chain back on the derailleur. Other times you’ll encourage the pack to stick together. When all riders go by, you put the hammer down ride back to the front to get direction from the ride leader.

How do I stay in touch? After you email us, we'll send you an invite to our Slack channel. We'll give you a short welcome tutorial and schedule you to join your first ride team! If you don't want to use Slack, or you're interested in volunteering in another way than Ride Safety, let us know and we'll work with you.

To get involved, send us an email at: bikepartyportlandme@gmail.com